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Providing an additional service such as Internet Access for your caravan, camping or holiday park can give you a competitive advantage over other leisure businesses in your area. Using a service like a WiFi hotspot or park wide WiFi can help improve ratings with tourist boards and other marketing websites.


We have designed our pricing carefully around the way you travel and stay. Brexons Hotspots pricing is simple with three easy options and no restrictions, no cards to buy and fantastic support. The really good thing about Brexons Hotspots is that they have a very simple scale of charges, and those charges are very reasonable.

Get connected

To connect to a Brexons Hotspot you need to be located at a park that has a Brexons Hotspots. Using your computer select the ‘Brexons Hotspots’ wireless network, open your internet browser and pay for the package you want using your credit or debit card. For more information please see our website


airMAX® Sector Antenna


airMAX® Omni Antenna


UniFi® AP