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Commercial Monitoring Packages

For round the clock alarm monitoring Brexons Ltd systems can be connected to and monitored by our alarm receiving centre (ARC).

Only professionally installed and maintained alarm systems can be connected to an ARC. Choosing Brexons Ltd gives you access to a wide range of monitoring services which means that signals sent to the ARC from your system will be dealt with in the appropriate manner, whether it’s a fire, intruder, panic or open or close signal, you know that your alarm will not be ignored even if you are not around to hear it yourself. The following monitoring services are available dependent upon the level of risk and budget.

Speech / Text Dialler

This is the simplest means of monitoring, using an existing phone line upon activaton of the alarm it calls or texts you or your nominated keyholders. This method is not suitable to summon the emergency services. Digital Communicator (Residential) This is single path signalling and is a cost effective way of monitoring and probably the most widely used. The digital communicator can either be connected to an existing phone line or a dedicated line for more security. Upon activation of the alarm it sends alarm signals to the ARC. The operator at the ARC will then take the appropriate action depending on the type of signal received. The ARC can call the keyholders subject to the system meeting the required standards or the key holders only.

Dual Path Signalling (Commercial)

There are various suppliers of dual path signalling such as BT RedCare GSM, WebWayOne 2424, Emizon 21 and DualCom. These dual path signalling methods normally use a landline and radio (GSM) network. If either path is compromised or goes down the ARC will be alerted and the keyholders called. If both paths go down the keyholders will be alerted. Dual path signalling is more secure than single path signalling and is the preferred choice of insurance companies. To achieve confirmation 2 separate detectors must be activated within a given time frame. The ARC will filter the signals and only pass ‘confirmed’ signals to the Keyholder. Brexons Ltd have chosen East Midlands Central Station (EMCS) to provide our monitoring services, we work in close partnership with EMCS to ensure our customers get the best service.

Customer Management Tool

EMCS provide an alarm management tool, NetPort, which is available to all customers completely free of charge. It can be accessed 24hours, 7days a week, via a secure internet link (much like internet banking). With varying access levels available, it potentially allows users complete administrational control: the ability to place systems on and off test, to view alarm history and it also has reporting facilities which assist with false alarm management. WAPport, again provided free of charge, allows limited access via your mobile telephone.

EMCS Accreditations

EMCS is fully accredited having been awarded the NSI Gold award for Intruder and Fire monitoring as well as monitoring to BS8418 for CCTV systems. We are also registered with the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and are active members of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA)